Datach'i We Are Always Well Thank You

Caipirinha is always swinging for the fences and Datach'i is one of their heavy hitters, indeed. 200 b.p.m. beatz are piled on hot and heavy, but not in a confrontational way, à la Alec Empire. They hit with the impact of silly string cheese — they're messy, all over the place, lots of fun and have no nutritional value. Melodies are often childlike with uncomplicated tones that could have come from your old Simon electronic game. We Are Always Well Thank You will instantly alienate some due to its breakneck speed interrupted only be equally sudden changes in the arrangements — you'll never hear this CD in a bar. However, those who enjoy where µ-ziq is coming from would probably have no problems getting with this CD. Despite the frenzy of the beats, the songs are totally listenable — this is a credit to the mix, which is surprisingly warm, unlike the cold harsh climate inhabited by Oval and Funkstorung. (Caipirinha)