Das Radio Peter's Koala Adventure

Das Radio appeared on the Fredericton scene back in February of this year. Their debut live performance was at the local campus station's "Battle Of The Bands‚" where they played all the songs they had written to date and still managed to place second. Since then they've played a healthy number of shows (including opening for Eric's Trip on their reunion tour in NB) and have written more than enough material for their debut EP, Peter's Koala Adventure. They're a quirky little band that doesn't really fit neatly into any of the obvious musical pigeonholes, and that's a very good thing these days. They might only have three members in the band, but they manage to sound as if there are a couple more helping to fill up the sound, which is reinforced by having Patrick Reinartz doing double duty on both guitar and keyboards. With so much reliance on keyboards on some songs it at times feels like there is a bit of an '80s revival going on. For example, "Going Thin" owes a debt to the Cure's "The Walk‚" but they also flirt with a little bit of emo, making for a more unique sound that helps to make them stand out from the crowd. In fact, the songs that place more dependence on guitars (such as "Taste of Automatic") are the weaker ones on the CD, simply because they don't have the more unique sound (like the aforementioned "Going Thin" and "Too"); sometimes different is good. All in all, a pretty impressive debut that demonstrates more promise than a band in Fredericton has shown in a long time. (Independent)