Das Radio ...Ever Since I Broke My Head

Fredericton, NB, home of, well, not a whole lot really, and when it comes to music things have been pretty bleak, because the town has been without a vibrant scene for some time now. These days there are a few intriguing bands emerging from the ruins and Das Radio are definitely one of the most interesting. They are a band that doesn't follow fashion, actively choosing not to subscribe to the "flavour of the month" mentality that dictates how so many bands sound. Instead, they sound like themselves - there's a touch of emo and an '80s synth vibe that doesn't overpower the rest of the band. If anything, they could actually increase the keyboard visibility on some songs because it is the driving force in the stronger songs. ...Ever Since I Broke My Head, their second release, finds the band in fine form and sounding better than ever. They revisit a couple of their older songs, giving them a new shiny coat of paint that shows that all the band really needed to do was spend a little bit more time in the studio to give them a fighting chance in a world that doesn't understand them. The new material is equally strong, with a new maturity that comes from confidence. Das Radio doesn't sound like they are consciously trying to be different, yet they still are evolving, as demonstrated by the addition of a trumpet on "Monday Night Emergency." Add to that some nifty packaging and it feels like Fredericton finally has produced some music that is worth listening to. (Independent)