Das Racist Deported From UK After Being Detained in Airport for Eight Hours

Das Racist Deported From UK After Being Detained in Airport for Eight Hours
Heavily blogged-about tongue-in-cheek rap crew Das Racist recently attempted to perform in the UK as part of a world tour for their excellent Sit Down, Man mixtape. Unfortunately, visa issues prevented them from entering the country. Instead, they were detained at the airport for multiple hours and ultimately deported to Switzerland.

The group explained the ordeal with the following statement on their blog:

Yesterday, because of some sticklerism on the part of UK Customs regarding paperwork, we were denied entry, detained for 8+ hours in the airport, and deported back to Switzerland.

We were held in a room with books, prayer rug and compass, television and remote, and these horrible sandwiches (cheese and onion, egg and cress, etc.). Also, "digestive biscuits' along with Walker's crisps (Salt & Vinegar, Salt).

We were there with two Iranian men, a Brazilian woman who spoke only Arabic and an Indian man with a student visa who couldn't speak a lick of English. Our people!

Sorry to everybody who was planning on coming to Cargo last night, it was a show and city we were all incredibly excited for and it is a shame yr govvy doesn't like us! Because of our POLITICAL VIEWS! We'll be back soon, maybe we'll leave the airport next time.

Anyone who has listened to Das Racist closely knows that their socio-political commentary goes about as far as pop culture references and junk food shoutouts, but the group still did clarify why they were detained with an update:

We were not deported (or removed) because of our "political views," that was a joke. Maybe a stupid one. We were removed due to paperwork and visa issues that are being enforced more strictly than they had been in the past. ASK MIA ABOUT IT, YA'LL. Also, this happens to musicians (and non-musicians) all the time, we were merely documenting it..

Das Racist will continue their European tour with a show in Switzerland tonight (December 14). The rest of their tour dates can be viewed here.