The Darkness "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" (video)

The Darkness 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us' (video)
The Darkness haven't released an album since 2005's One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back, but the helium-huffing English glam rock revivalists have been hinting that a new LP is just around the corner. An official statement on the platter has yet to be presented, but a video for new tune "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" suggests that street date might be sooner than we think.

The clip kicks off in the room of the group's apparent No. 1 fan, with accumulated band swag including foam caps, signed pics and Darkness-related fine china. Grabbing a sketch pad, the fanatic soon takes viewers into an animated wonderland that envisions just what the group might have been doing the last several years. From riding Les Pauls through the skies, to taking up boxing lessons, to rocking out with bikini babes on a giant pair of roller blades, the Darkness have apparently led quite the life.

Here's hoping their upcoming tour is as action-packed.