Darker Day Tomorrow No Sleep In Forty Days

Syracuse, NY's Darker Day Tomorrow release their first full-length on Hamilton upstart Redstar Records, and it's another excellent release for the label. Initially formed from the ashes of Another Victim and Hermon Deklab, Darker Day Tomorrow has taken the necessary steps to establish their own name with No Sleep In Forty Days. Darker Day Tomorrow's sound is mixture of metal riffs, mid-paced hardcore and vocals that appear to be more death-inspired than anything else; not an original base, granted, but it's the little things that make DDT more than the sum of their parts. Meandering guitar leads that add a depth to the mid-tempo pummelling, the odd noise part that serves to break up their predominately mid-tempo pace, the occasional rock/psych segment and an ominous atmosphere that coincides with their more prevalent muscular sound. Tracks like "Spitting Back The Scraps," "Ball on Chain Suicide" and "Suppressive Gunfire Club" best demonstrates Darker Day Tomorrow's methodical musical abuse, although "Handstands for Hand Grenades" showcases a more emotional depth and metallic strength that Darker Day Tomorrow would be well served to continue to utilise in future endeavours. Bludgeon-like in its delivery, No Sleep In Forty Days should have little trouble finding a following. (Redstar)