Dark Sermon In Tongues

Dark SermonIn Tongues
Dark Sermon's In Tongues returns listeners to a time when the line between deathcore and straightforward death metal was a bit blurrier. Despite their Tampa, FL home, the band are far from a dead ringer to fellow Tampa-based death dealers Morbid Angel, Deicide or Obituary. Instead, they weave these influences in with a decidedly more Swedish influence, similar to what the Black Dahlia Murder did more than a decade ago. Dark Sermon definitely add a decidedly more "core" bent to the formula — while Black Dahlia flirted with it briefly in their early days, Dark Sermon fully embrace it, especially on "Forfeit II-Worn Thin" and "The Tree of New Earth." It's a shame because, as the Black Dahlia Murder proved, it's better to "break up" with core than breakdown. Despite a stellar album, you can't help but think the Black Dahlia Murder will top this with Everblack, but it's always nice to have a fall back option. (Good Fight)