Dark Castle Surrender To All Life Beyond Form

Doom duo Dark Castle return with Surrender To All Life Beyond Form. Following 2009's well-received Spirited Migration, their new release takes an unexplored path, delving into Buddhist philosophy. The subject matter is surprisingly appropriate for a metal band. Dark Castle's style of thick, moody doom sludge proves an apt form to express the spiritual idea of extinguishing a worldly ego and overcoming an earthly existence. Sound heady? Well, it is, but apart from being a very novel meditation on existence, Surrender To All Life Beyond Form is a successful and vibrant work of pulsating metal. Each song delivers explosive shockwaves, continually hitting the lowest notes imaginable and grooving their way into oblivion. Stevie Floyd (guitar) and Rob Shaffer (drums) exclude everything superfluous, relying on one guitar and one set of drums while taking turns screaming. The vocals on Surrender To All Life Beyond Form sound like they were recorded in the depths of a cave, reaching the listener only after a profound and mystical journey to the audible surface. Look for appearances by member of YOB, U.S. Christmas, Nachtmystium and Minsk. (Brutal Panda)