The Darcys "Itchy Blood" (video)

The Darcys 'Itchy Blood' (video)
The Darcys give us a glimpse at some high-society slumming via the video for their Warring's "Itchy Blood."

Scored by the moody indie tune, the clip finds a pair of seemingly well-off teens enjoying a lazy day at home, sans parental supervision. At times they appear to be having a blast while whipping up baked goods and punch or ranking the school cuties, but a deeper malaise comes through as they thumb through fashion mags and Bret Easton Ellis novel, opting to huck the latter on the floor in their attempts to make a walkway of books.

Full of two-person hair-braiding techniques, overhand tennis serves, tiny dogs and glassy stares, you'll find the video portrait of the pros and cons of privilege down below, courtesy of Noisey.