Danzig Readies Comic/Lyrics Book, Announces Festival Headlining Gig

Danzig Readies Comic/Lyrics Book, Announces Festival Headlining Gig
We know it's tough for Danzig fans to let the light shine on those blackened hearts, but we've got some news that's guaranteed to make you happy. So turn those frowns upside down, get out of the basement and enjoy life a bit because there's gonna be some Danzig action in the closing half of '09.

For starters, the evil one has announced a December 2009 release date for The Danzig Lyric Book, a collection of art featuring interpretations of Danzig's lyrics by long-time collaborator and album cover creator Simon Bisley. The book will be available in December on Danzig's site, as well as in indie record stores and select comic shops, according to the Danzig website. And while there is no exact due date for this release, you can currently check out Bisley's drawing from the book for the tune "When Death Had No Name" here.

If you're craving something a bit more rooted in reality, how about this: Danzig will be headlining the Fun Fun Fun Fest on November 8 at Waterloo Park, in Austin, TX. His site promises this will be one of only two live dates Danzig will play for the rest of 2009. Hey, it's Danzig. Dude does what he wants, when he wants.

Danzig's last album was 2006's Black Aria II. He is currently working on a new record with frequent collaborator Tommy Victor of Prong.

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the heads-up.