Danzig "Devil on Hwy 9"

Danzig"Devil on Hwy 9"
After promising to deliver new album Black Laden Crown to his faithful, Danzig has shared a track from the upcoming album. Coming with the very Danzig title of "Devil on Hwy 9," you can hear the new song now.

Coming chalk full of palm-muted guitar riffery, low-end thuds and high-end in-the-red sonic squeals, it's definitely trying to recapture the great Danzig of yore, with Glenn dropping lines like "keep your ass on the fucking line." Listen for yourself below.

At this point, Black Laden Crown is still without a firm release date, but the album is expected to arrive in mid-May via Evilive Records/Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

For now, tear into "Devil on Hwy 9."