Danny Brown's Lost "Hella Hoes" Verse Revived for A$AP Mob Remix

Danny Brown's Lost "Hella Hoes" Verse Revived for A$AP Mob Remix
A couple of years ago, a bummed-out Danny Brown vented online about the A$AP Mob choosing to cut his verse from their "Hella Hoes" single. Bruh Bruh may well be wagging his tongue in approval right about now, though, as his bars have been brought back for a new remix of the song.

The latest version of "Hella Hoes" appeared today (February 24) as part of the A$AP Mob's ongoing Wavy Wednesdays series of single drops. As before, the track features bragged-out bars from A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast and A$AP Twelvy. Now, Brown's lost verse has been thrown into the mix, as have some vocals from A$ton Matthews.

Using his famously tweaked-out flow, Brown's verse has him name-dropping Clippers point guard Chris Paul, promising to bury some enemies, and noting, as the song title would suggest, that he's got hella hoes.

As previously reported, Brown had hopped on Twitter back in the summer of 2014 to talk about getting cut from the group track. He had wondered if it was over his verse being "wack," but also alluded to being choked about being scrubbed from the song, considering the Mob came to him for the collab.

He asked at the time: "if u took time out your busy ass schedule to do a feature for somebody and they cut u off the song without telling you .. would u be hot??"

It all seems like water under the bridge, now, as you can stream the remix below.