Danny Brown "Blunt After Blunt" (video) (dir. By A$AP Rocky)

Danny Brown 'Blunt After Blunt' (video) (dir. By A$AP Rocky)
Despite how much kush is seemingly being copped in Danny Brown's new A$AP Rocky-directed video for "Blunt After Blunt," a cut off this year's XXX mixtape, dude does not seem to be absorbing the mellowing properties of THC. The roughneck number finds Brown, decked out in a Detroit Tigers baseball cap and a matching, Tigger-approved jumpsuit, spitting hardcore over a decrepit piano riff and a heavy-ass boom bap about getting brain from some groupies, and maybe your girlfriend.

Simultaneously drinking Colt 45s and bragging about a stash of Adderall, he spits "They try to tell me I get too high, that's a lie / If so, bitch, I woulda been died."

Catch the hazy, intentionally ill-lit and unnerving clip below.