Danko Jones Recruit Rocket from the Crypt Drummer Atom Willard

Danko Jones Recruit Rocket from the Crypt Drummer Atom Willard
Let's start off with the bad news: Danko Jones have parted ways with their drummer, Dan Cornelius. And the good news? The long-running Canadian rockers have maintained a Spinal Tap-style, revolving-door policy when it comes to percussionists and have already found a new skin pounder. They may want to hang on to this latest guy, though. He comes with some history behind him and is former Rocket from the Crypt drummer Atom Willard.

A post on the Danko Jones website explains that both bandleader Danko Jones and bassist John Calabrese are beyond thrilled to have the San Diegan garage rocker in the band, as they've been fans of his hard-hitting style for years.

"Both JC and I have been fans of Atom Willard for years,"Jones wrote. "We own the records he's on and hell, we even wrote a song about his old band ['RIP RFTC' about Rocket from the Crypt]. Yes, we're ecstatic he's coming out with us."

For his part, Willard, who has also played with Social Distortion, the Offspring, and Angels and Airwaves, is considerably impressed with his new buddies as well.

"I have been a fan of this band, and these songs for a long ass time... so when they asked if I could do it, and I could, I was stoked!" Willard said in a statement. "I love rock and roll!"

Willard will play his first gig with the group June 15 in Gothenburg, Sweden and will continue on with a number of festival appearances. You can check out the full schedule here. However, no North American dates have been announced for the new lineup just yet.

Additionally, Danko Jones will be releasing a special edition of last year's Below the Belt with two new cuts -- "Guest List Blues" and "Rock N Roll Proletariat" -- on June 21. The set will also include their all-star "Below the Belt" video trilogy, which starred Elijah Wood, Lemmy and more.