Danko Jones We Sweat Blood

Album number two for Universal Music from Toronto’s Danko Jones finds the trio more or less in the same shape as their previous outings — 12 more straightforward heavy duty vein-popping tunes. There are a few subtle differences, though, the first one being that JC’s fat, distorted bass sound has been pushed back into a more traditional bass guitar spot in the mix, putting Danko’s vocals and guitar more up front. This takes the music further over to the hard rock zone and regrettably buries a lot of JC’s signature funky bass lines, an important counterpoint that set them apart from the pack in the past. As for songs, Danko still goes cocoa puffs cuckoo over a pretty girl on songs like "Forget My Name" and the Hives-esque lead-off single "I Want You.” With no apparent regard for Motörhead or Fear he cops their respective song titles on new original Danko party jams "Dance" and "I Love Living in the City.” The second half of the album goes to the "bad place" as Danko’s mind turns from sex to violence on the revenge fantasy punk-style diss songs "Home to Hell" and "The Cross.” Of special note to fans is the appearance of old live standard "Love Travel.” It very well might be the most metal song the band have recorded, making this the angriest-sounding Danko effort to date. (Universal)