Danko Jones Never Too Loud

Like an old bluesman, as Danko Jones lengthens in the tooth, his technique and abilities strengthen. While much of his past material was widely acclaimed, there was an inescapable air of oversimplification that resulted in the "Danko” sound: straightforward beats, one-riff rhythms and lots of talk about stealing your chick. With Never Too Loud though, the juvenility falls away to reveal what is potentially the trio’s strongest material yet. Songs such as "City Streets” boast a Thin Lizzy-esque soaring chorus, the epic nature of "Forest For The Trees,” with guest vocalists Pete Stahl and John Garcia, is fresh and "King Of Magazines” (a tongue-in-cheek nod to Van Halen’s "I’ll Wait”) are far more mature and comprehensive than we’ve come to expect from the sneering singer/guitarist. The majority of Never Too Loud is still the boogie-centric rock one would expect from Jones but with its accomplished and somewhat exploratory/experimental forays, time should prove it’s never too old as well. (Aquarius)