Danko Jones I'm Alive And On Fire

Danko is back with another release, and this one is the closest thing to a full-length album he's ever put out, weighing in at 13 songs in 29 minutes. The only hitch here is that about half of the tracks have been previously released on prior EPs. Meant as a primer for Europe and other territories that have been Danko-free until now, I'm Alive And On Fire is a crash course in the band's mix of Oblivians/Thin Lizzy/Blues Explosion/Mötley Crüe-style heavy rock. New (to us) songs like the title track, as well as "Rock Shit Hot," are all classic Danko, with trademark ultra-fuzz bass and heart attack vocals all front, centre and accounted for. Apparently, this CD is a limited edition release here in Canada, so fans should jump on this right away. Here's a fun drinking game to play with this record that you can try at home and it's easy. Every time Danko mentions his mama or any of the valuable pieces of advice she's given him over the years, just take a shot. I can assure you that you'll be tanked by the time "Dr. Evening" comes around. (Independent)