Daniel Romano Reveals 'Mosey' Details, Releases "Valerie Leon" Video

Daniel Romano Reveals 'Mosey' Details, Releases "Valerie Leon" Video
When old-time country lover Daniel Romano first announced his Mosey album about a year ago, we had thought that the record would be released sometime in 2015. Though its arrival is a little delayed, the record drops this spring through New West Records.

Mosey officially hits stores May 27, marking the first full-length release from Romano since last year's If I've Only One Time Askin'.  As you'll see from the tracklist below, the new record features 12 new songs.

While Romano has built up a reputation as the "King of Mosey" over the last few years, a stream of opening number "Valerie Leon" has a surprising, symphonic '60s pop feel to it, with the mix of strings and baritone vocals arguably launching Romano into Lee Hazlewood territory. You can hear that song below, where you'll also find a video for the track.

Up above, you'll find the album art, which suggests that Romano may have moved on from sequined suits towards a new look built around Adidas jackets and a Blonde on Blonde-period Dylan 'fro.


1. Valerie Leon
2. I Had To Hide Your Poem In A Song
3. Toulouse
4. Hunger Is A Dream You Die In
5. Mr. E Me
6. One Hundred Regrets Avenue
7. I'm Alone Now
8. Sorrow (For Leonard And William)
9. (Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone
10. Maybe Remember Me
11. The Collector
12. Dead Medium