Daniel Lanois Opens Up about Near-Death Motorcycle Accident, New Neil Young Album

Daniel Lanois Opens Up about Near-Death Motorcycle Accident, New Neil Young Album
When we heard that songwriter/producer Daniel Lanois had been in a motorcycle accident, we knew that it was serious; after all, it landed him in intensive care and resulted in the cancellation of his entire European tour. Now, in a interview with the Canadian Press, Lanois has opened up about just how bad the crash was.

"I almost died," he admitted, revealing that he had swerved off the road to avoid a car. "I missed him, but then I hit a static box on the sidewalk. It was like a little telephone box, and I smashed into that."

This resulted in a broken collarbone, a fractured pelvis and six broken ribs, as well as internal bleeding.

"The real problem is lots of bleeding around the lung," he said. "It has to be drained and monitored. A broken bone is not so bad, but internal bleeding is not so good. The main concern is my lung capacity. Because I think it's currently restricted by bruising around the lung, and there might be some dried blood laying in the bottom of the cavity there. So my lung is kind of bumping up against this big scab and scar tissue. So that's the concern, really."

Lanois spent three weeks in intensive care in California before returning to his home in Los Angeles. He's still tended to by nurses and has a long road to recovery ahead. Nevertheless, he should eventually regain his full health, or close to it.

"I might look a little crooked, because the collarbone didn't mend straight, and neither did the ribs, so it's all a little cockeyed. But as long as I'm wearing my costume, you might not notice."

Despite his injuries, Lanois has already resumed his production duties on Neil Young's upcoming album. He said that the album will be out in the late fall and that it will be a solo record in its truest form: "It does not have a band, but it's rocking. And he's really come in with the songs, they're terrific. I dare say it might be some of his best work in some time. We've really hit the motherlode."

He added, "There's an automatic communication system that exists between two Canadian dogs. It's been a lot of fun, and we're very dedicated, and I think I finally met my match."

Lanois's new band, Black Dub, will release their debut album this November. The group have had to hold back on touring, but hope to get out on the road next summer.