Daniel Lanois Claims U2 Will "Reinvent Rock” With New Record

Daniel Lanois Claims U2 Will 'Reinvent Rock” With New Record
If there’s ever been a band shrouded in hyperbole, it’s U2. From their millions sold to their outspoken front-man who’s saviour complex has even attracted a petition against him, the band’s unquestionable success has led to its share of arrogance in interviews. Now, long-time producer Daniel Lanois is joining in on the fun. When talking about U2’s upcoming album No Line On The Horizon with The Boston Herald, Lanois said, "The president of the company is singing better than ever and the tracks are wildly innovative. I would never have thought things would have gone this way. I believe, well, rock’n’roll has been reinvented one more time.”

The new U2 album is due in early 2009, and will likely "reinvent rock'n’roll” with sold-out stadium tours, more millions from their Live Nation deal, and some huge radio singles. The Edge recently spoke with NME and said they delayed their album until 2009 because they wanted it to be "their year,” adding that "it's taking a while, but I'm told there's no short cut to greatness!”

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