Daniel Johnston's Early Recordings Collected in Deluxe Six-Disc Box Set

Daniel Johnston's Early Recordings Collected in Deluxe Six-Disc Box Set
As diehard Daniel Johnston fans know, there is no shortage of material out there to keep you listening. With an endless amount of albums, singles and weird collaborations, you could probably listen to him alone for a year and not get bored. Regardless, most fans admit that his best material is the raw, early sound of him working with a cassette recorder. Fortunately, those classic albums are being compiled into a box set.

Called the Story of an Artist, the six-disc set will be available on both CD and LP, and will compile 1981's Songs of Pain, 1982's Don't Be Scared, 1982's The What of Whom and 1983's More Songs of Pain, alongside both discs in The Lost Recordings series.

Along with the massive collection of tracks, the package will also come with a 64-page book with liner notes, photos and Johnston's art, and a double-sided poster. The Story of an Artist will be released by Munster Records on June 22.

The Story of an Artist:

Songs of Pain:

1. "Grievances"

2. "A Little Story"

3. "Joy Without Pleasure"

4. "Never Relaxed"

5. "Brainwash"

6. "Pothead"

7. "Wicked World"

8. "Lazy"

9. "I Save Cigarette Butts"

10. "Like A Monkey In A Zoo"

11. "Wicked Will"

12. "An Idiot's End"

13. "Wild West Virginia"

14. "Since I Lost My Tooth"

15. "Urge"

16. "Living Life"

17. "Tuna Ketchup"

18. "Premarital Sex"

19. "Don't Act Nice"

20. "Hate Song"

Don't Be Scared:

1. "Going Down"

2. "Lost Without A Dame"

3. "Harley Man"

4. "Evening Stars"

5. "Something More"

6. "Cold Hard World"

7. "I Had A Dream"

8. "The Story Of An Artist"

9. "My Yoke Is Heavy"

10. "Stars On Parade"

11. "And You Love It"

12. "I Had Lost My Mind"

13. "The Sun Shines Down On Me"

14. "Loner"

15. "I Don't Want To Be Scared"

16. "Lullaby"

17. "I Was Alone"

18. "Mother Mom Said"

The What of Whom:

1. "Man Obsessed"

2. "Peek-a-boo"

3. "Never Before/Never Again"

4. "The Goldfish & The Frog"

5. "Scuttle-butt"

6. "Heart, Mind & Soul"

7. "Blue Clouds"

8. "Surely You Don't Work All Night"

9. "I Can't Think Anymore"

10. "Excuse Me"

11. "Polka Dot Rag"

12. "Why/Without You"

13. "An Incoherent Speech"

14. "Wicked World"

15. "To Go Home"

16. "Scrambled Eggs"

17. "Peace & Tranquility"

18. "When You're Pretty"

More Songs of Pain:

1. "Phantom Of My Own Opera"

2. "Man At War"

3. "Only Missing You"

4. "More Dead Than Alive"

5. "I Will"

6. "Poptunes"

7. "You Put My Love Out The Door"

8. "You're Gonna Make It Joe"

9. "Theme For Grievances"

10. "Never Get To Heaven"

11. "Follow That Dream"

12. "POW"

13. "For The Love Of Pete"

14. "Blue Cloud"

15. "Grievances Revisited"

16. "True Grief"

17. "My Baby Cares For The Dead"

18. "Mabel's Grievances"
The Lost Recordings I:

1. "Take A Little Walk"

2. "Before It's Too Late"

3. "Oh What A Wonderful Feeling"

4. "I'd Like To Say Goodbye"

5. "That's Silly"

6. "There Ain't Much You Can Do"

7. "I'm A Song"

8. "You Should Have Been My Wife"

9. "You Ruined It For Yourself"

10. "Once Upon A Dream"

11. "I Love You"

12. "Scattered Like Birds"

13. "More About Wicked Will"

14. "Good Luck"

15. "Got To Go On"

16. "It's Real"

17. "If You Were Here Today"

18. "Girlfriend"

19. "Void (Space For The Memories)"

20. "Sad And Lonely"

21. "I'm Nervous"

22. "Cosmic Kid"

23. "Never Die"

24. "Kiss Me Again"

25. "I Wish I Could Call You"

26. "Love Is Weird"

27. "Burn Baby Burn"

28. "No Fun"

29. "Art Peace"

30. "Instrumental"

The Lost Recordings II:

1. "All Around The World"

2. "You're Not Laura (After You're Gone)"

3. "I'm Gonna Buy Me A Car"

4. "Out West"

5. "The Undertaker's Assistant"

6. "Dreams Come True"

7. "Mean To Me"

8. "Fly Me To The Moon"

9. "Love Defined"

10. "Love"

11. "How I Love That Organ Music"

12. "We Could Be Together Again"

13. "Happy Talk"

14. "The Miracle Of Love"

15. "Who Killed The Monkey"

16. "The Wedding"

17. "Unfinished Symphony"

18. "Blue Cloud"

19. "I Never Meant To Be Spooky"

20. "Dream Lover"

21. "What's A Matter With Me"

22. "If I Kissed You Once"

23. "I Give Up"

24. "Lonely Orphan On The Run"

25. "The Goat Show"

26. "You've Got A Funny Sense Of Humor"

27. "Last Song For You"