Daniel Johnston Joins Dutch Orchestra for New Full-Length

Daniel Johnston Joins Dutch Orchestra for New Full-Length
While filmmakers are currently piecing together a Daniel Johnston biopic, the musician remains busy with new output. Johnston recently completed a tour where he was joined by the 11-piece Dutch orchestra BEAM, and their working relationship has culminated in a new full-length album set to drop this spring.

Fittingly, the album is called Beam Me Up!, and sees Johnston collaborating on tracks both old and new. There are three previously unreleased tracks titled "Last Song," "Mask" and "Sarah Drove in Her Car". Along with those, there are nine old Johnston tracks strengthened by orchestral arrangements.

 The album is set for release on March 26 via Hazelwood, but the whole thing is currently available to stream online here.

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the tip.

Beam Me Up!:

1. "Sarah Drove Around in Her Car"
2. "Syrup of Tears"
3. "Must"
4. "True Love Will Find You in the End"
5. "Wicked World"
6. "Mask"
7. "Try to Love"
8. "Devil Town"
9. "Love Enchanted"
10. "Walking the Cow"
11. "Last Songs"
12. "Beatles"