Dani Siciliano Steps Out

Dani Siciliano Steps Out
It is no secret that Dani Siciliano can sing, but with her debut album Likes… the world will know she can produce and compose too. Best known as the golden voice gracing many a Herbert project, Siciliano draws on years of DJing, clarinet playing and jazz singing to build an album borrowing from jazz, house, and clicks and cuts.

Lips are already flapping over the punchy and curt single "Walk the Line," and her revamping of Nirvana's "Come As You Are" as a pared-down jazz standard. Her captivating voice is all over the album, but she's not precious about its preservation. She's more concerned with the song's integrity, and that can mean leaving mistakes in.

"I'll treat my vocal, but not because I want it to sound prettier, but just to have fun with it," she says over the phone from her London home. "But with ‘Collaboration' or ‘Remember to Forget,' they're sung quite intimately, close up to the mic, and it has a real quality to it that I wanted to convey. I could sing it perfectly, but that's not what I wanted. I don't want it to have to sound perfect."

Undoubtedly, parallels will be drawn between her work and that of her husband, who just so happens to be long-time collaborator Matthew Herbert.

"I'm going to be very influenced by him," she says. "Because I pretty much only worked with Matthew exclusively. [But] I was the first vocalist that he worked with quite regularly and steadily, so I'm sure he's influenced by me as well. If people need to make that assumption that it's him that's behind all this stuff, then that's their own naivety. For me it's not a big deal, because I know what I'm up to."