Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi "Two Against One" (ft. Jack White) / "Black" (ft. Norah Jones)

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi 'Two Against One' (ft. Jack White) / 'Black' (ft. Norah Jones)
We still have more than a month before we hear Danger Mouse's new Rome project, which is an homage to Italian film scores made with composer Daniele Luppi. We already knew that it would feature guest spots from Jack White and Norah Jones, and we've now got a taste of those collaborations.

In the first of the two clips embedded below, you can hear the White-assisted "Two Against One." Given his usual penchant from stripped-down garage blues, it's strange to hear his voice surrounded by a lush bed of crisply recorded acoustic instruments and Spaghetti Western-infused guitar leads.

Stroll past that for "Black." This one offers a similar blend of acoustic plucking and gently pattering drums, except it contains the smokey, sultry vocals of jazz pop sensation Norah Jones. This one is a little more expansive than the "Two Against One," as it's bolstered by purring organs and a sweeping orchestral arrangement.

Rome is due out on May 17 via Parlophone/EMI. These two tracks will be released on seven-inch vinyl for Record Store Day (April 16).