Dance on Glass Daydreaming

If you like the good old-fashioned goth sound you’ll want to give this one a listen. Minor chord progressions straight out of a Sisters of Mercy record (see "Delilah”) and beats fast enough to flail your arms to all find their spooky place here. This duo is Anya and Dave Blomberg from Poland — current goth music always emerges from the most unexpected of places — and it is made up of ex-members of goth-rock act Batalion D’Amour and New Model Army respectively. The synth lines are dark, the guitars have that pleasantly screechy post-punk sound — all complemented by Anya’s vocals. This is the kind of CD that puts forth the question "who the hell called Marilyn Manson goth in the first place?” The global appeal of Depeche Mode is once more made apparent as they wind the disc down with the goth-ed out and more ballsy cover of "Never Let Me Down Again.” (Metal Mind)