Dance Disaster Movement We Are From Nowhere

Spazzing out has been getting more and more common in rock lately. Dance and punk have joined forces again for a successful revival featuring the likes of the Rapture and Radio 4, as well as the highly publicised reunion of ESG. Dance Disaster Movement are definitely in the right place at the right time. Featuring Kevin Disco, Matt Howze and Arp Omni, Dance Disaster Movement steal the thunder from James Brown, the artistic insanity of Suicide and the "next big thing” tag from Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We Are From Nowhere is a rabid, aggressive debut that mashes up funk, punk and soul into a whirling ball of energy. Though it only contains eight tracks, it’s plenty of noise for anyone setting out for the dance floor. Disco’s combination of howling vocals (think James Brown and Ian Svenonious of the Make-Up) and constant organ hammering contribute to most of the chaos, while Howze’s off-kilter drumming and Omni’s rolling and crashing guitar fill in the rest. Minus the R2-D2 interlude half way through, this is one crazy, action-packed record. (Dim Mak)