Dan Deacon Needs Your Vegetable Oil

Dan Deacon Needs Your Vegetable Oil
Want to go see Dan Deacon? Have a bunch of vegetable oil handy? Well, then you, my friend, could land a spot on the guest list, plus one, during the electro nut's current North American tour.

Apparently, Deacon and his band are trekking across the U.S. and Canada in a big ol' school bus that's powered by vegetable oil. So, if you give five gallons of this yellow gunk to the group, they'll put you and a friend on the guest list, Deacon's publicist told Pitchfork. And if you can somehow round up 30 gallons of the stuff, the band will cook you dinner on the bus.

To trade in your veggie oil, you just need to call some dude named Geoff ("oil master") at (862) 266-6130 when you show up for the show.

Here's Deacon's plea for oil:


the school tour bus the 20 of us are riding in runs on veggie oil. we need help gathering that oil to fuel our bus. if anyone can bring at least 5 gallons of waste veggie oil to one of the shows we will put you on the guest list. it is easily found behind almost all restaurants.

if the oil looks dark and full of crud we can't use it. the lighter the color and the less viscous the better. if you can bring us CLEAN and filtered oil we can put you + 1 on the list.

an easy way to filter the oil would be to stretch a tight sheet or t-shirt over a bucket and pour the oil into the bucket through the sheet to get all the gunk out. a slower way, but better way, would be to tie one of the pant legs of jeans into a tight knot and hang that over a bucket and pour the oil into the jeans, and clean oil will slowly pass into the bucket.

to arrange the grease for list swap you can call geoff at 862-266-6130. call or text him. he is our oil master. the more oil the better. we have enough storage for 100 gallons of oil. if you can get us 30 gallons we'll cook you dinner on the bus (we have a little kitchen and many great cooks).

please repost this to anywhere you think it might help. thanks you!

dan deacon