Dan-E-O Dilla Pickles

Dan-E-O is one of the great-unsung heroes of Canadian hip-hop. He may not have achieved fame or fortune, but he has spent the last decade-and-a-half developing a reputation as one of the country's hardest and hottest spitters. Dan sounds as crisp as ever, and Dilla Pickles is filled with hilarious punch lines and a couple of unexpected guests, most notably Kish. The long absent Canadian hip-hop pioneer makes an appearance on "Hoodafukayoo," in which he details his transition from rap to voice acting, and takes a few shots at young up-and-comers. Famous drops by "Check the Grind," where the two swap tales of the indie rap hustle, as well as tips on victory. Dilla Pickles proves that after more than a decade-and-a-half of underground toil, punctuated by the odd commercial, Dan-E-O is just as sharp and hungry as he was when he started. (Independent)