Dan-E-O The Book of Daniel

Beginning with a reverential nod to Big Daddy Kane's "Set It Off," the aspiration towards high level lyricism on this full-length release from Dan-e-o is immediately made clear. Dan-e-o's tightly woven and breathlessly delivered rhymes are filled with choice punch lines and should satisfy heads looking for low fat content on the mic. On The Book of Daniel there are no street-cred boosting cameos or gimmicky speech characteristics, just a non-stop barrage of lyrics. Dan-e-o's own seasoned flow is stacked with smart vocabulary, and uncompromising relentless energy. Apart from confirming Dan-e-o's mic talents, The Book of Daniel also exhibits the self-sufficiency of the Monolith crew. The in-house production and guest appearances on tag-team efforts like the reggae-flavoured "Baahd!," the collaborative sequel with Nish Rawks "Danish 2," and "Real Lyricists" duet with Charisma are standouts among the solid pack. (One Rock)