Damon Albarn Unveils New Rocket Juice and the Moon Project with Flea and Tony Allen

Damon Albarn Unveils New Rocket Juice and the Moon Project with Flea and Tony Allen
Damon Albarn's DRC Music project may have just issued their debut, but he's already setting his sights on another band, the colourfully titled Rocket Juice and the Moon. Considering how many outfits he's juggled over the last decade, from Blur to Gorillaz to the Good, the Bad & the Queen, the news is hardly surprising. Mind you, neither should the fact that the group features an all-star lineup, rounded out by the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen.

We initially heard about the project last year, but a recent interview with the Irish Times [via NME] had Albarn explaining that their debut performance takes place this Saturday (October 29) at London's the Barbican. The project aren't just for gigging, though. A self-titled debut from the troupe is set for release next year.

As for their wild moniker, Albarn says it just fell into the band's lap.

"The stuff that I'm going to be playing on these shows with Tony and Flea is from this record we've been making, Rocket Juice and the Moon," Albarn said. "Someone in Lagos did the sleeve design and that's the name he gave it, which suits me because trying to find a name for another band is always tricky." [Ed. note: as you can see from this quote, it's a bit unclear whether Rocket Juice and the Moon is the name of the band, the album or both.]

None of Rocket Juice and the Moon's members is new to the supergroup scenario, with Flea also taking part in Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace and both Albarn and Allen having taken part in the Good, the Bad & the Queen with the Clash's Paul Simonon. Interestingly, the interview also revealed that the latter will reunite on November 10 in London for a one-off gig for Greenpeace.

While some may marvel at Albarn's manic pace, it's just business as usual for the multitasking musician.

"I get to the studio every day, five days a week, at ten, not nine," he added. "I'm interested in a lot of different music and I have worked hard to put it across. It's just a job at the end of the day, but I just happen to be very, very interested in developing my job. It's everything to me."

As previously reported, DRC Music's debut disc Kinshasa One Two is out now digitally, with the physical version due via Warp on November 8.