Damon Albarn Sets Sights on Solo Record About "Empty Club Culture"

Damon Albarn Sets Sights on Solo Record About "Empty Club Culture"
Prolific English pop experimenter Damon Albarn is ready for a solo album. While the artist has made a number of joint contributions to the pop world (see Blur, Gorillaz and most with recently his upcoming Congolese road trip project, DRC Music), a new interview reveals that Albarn would like to go it alone on his next project.

"I'd like to do a record with my own name on it. That's the next one I want to make. I don't know if I could bear to start a band from scratch again," he told Q Magazine [via Contact].

Considering his concept-driven back catalogue, it's unsurprising he already has an idea for a solo set. What might be odd, however, is his chosen theme: the music his daughter Missy listens to.

"I don't know what kind of record it will be but I've got an idea about a club that no one goes to, so maybe it will be my 'empty club culture' record," he explained. "A club that absolutely no one turns up to except the proprietor or a barmaid and a bouncer. I'm writing about an empty club!"

While it's unclear at present just what exactly empty club music sounds like, it seems as if Albarn is interested in taking the piss out of party culture.

"I've been trying to listen to the real coalface of popular music, which is made easier because my daughter is really into that. It's all of a type at the moment. It has to be about a club. You're either getting ready to go to the club, queuing up, in the club, or you've left the club to go to a better club. I thought it would be good to make a pop record about a club that nobody goes to."

With the album in its early days, neither a street date nor an album title has been announced.

As previously reported, DRC Music's album, Kinshasa One Two comes out digitally October 4 on Warp, with a physical release scheduled for November 8. You can stream the entire album below.