Damon Albarn Promises New Blur Singles

Damon Albarn Promises New Blur Singles
To all those North Americans who never even got a chance to grab a copy of Blur's fantastic Record Store Day seven-inch, here comes at least a couple more opportunities. Front-man Damon Albarn has confirmed that all four members of the band are back together in the studio, and are "definitely going to do a few more of those seven-inches."

According to Albarn, the Britpop mainstays have decided to continue recording together after the massive success of their Record Store Day single "Fool's Day," which you can listen to here. The limited-edition nature of the single meant that it sold out extremely quickly, and then took to eBay, where it fetched prices of over $200. Perhaps that high demand wowed Blur into heading back into the studio, as they are now set on making at least a couple more singles, limited edition or not.

"I'm definitely going to do a few more of those seven-inches," Albarn told NME. "I love the no-pressure aspect."

Fans looking for the first Blur full-length since 2003's Think Tank, however, will have to wait for LP eight. "We can't do it all the time. So I don't want anyone to think there's an album coming soon. It's not possible, but we've got songs!"

It looks as if the Parlophone president's wish came true after all.