Damon Albarn Composes Audio Collage for BBC Radio

Damon Albarn Composes Audio Collage for BBC Radio
While Damon Albarn has been featured on BBC Radio more than a few times over the years with acts like Blur and Gorillaz, the English artist will completely dominate the airwaves this week via a multi-station audio collage created for the broadcaster's 90th birthday.

This Wednesday (November 14) at 5:33 p.m. London time, Albarn will air a three-minute piece titled "Radio Reunited" that will play simultaneously on up to 60 different BBC radio stations around the globe, NME reports. Albarn threaded sound clips submitted by listeners into the grand-scale piece, and each station will play its own message.

Rumoured to be included are the chiming of Big Ben, a skylark, BBC radio pips, British philosopher Bertrand Russell's name spelled out in Morse code, and sounds from a Cold War spy station.

"The idea was people would be asked the question, What message would you give to somebody listening in 90 years' time?" Albarn told the UK's Today program. "There was this sort of anxiety and then there were a few younger minds musing on this and they in a way were the most interesting because they were very free and in a sense the only people who will have any connection with 90 years."

The broadcast is being timed to the minute to celebrate the Beeb's radio beginnings.