Damo Suzuki's Network Hollyaris

Damo Suzuki’s method of "instant composing” yields some fantastic results over these two separate concerts in Hollywood and Paris. Though he wouldn’t called it "improvised music” for fear of its connotations, Suzuki certainly indulges in the practice of adventurous creativity, meeting collaborators for the first time on stages around the world and communicating through music. At the L.A. Knitting Factory, Suzuki is joined by members of the Can-influenced Cul de Sac to create spirited, rocking pieces like "Road Music Package” and "Hypnotic Orange.” As the musicians gel together behind intense rhythms, Suzuki effortlessly catches perfect melodies to set his lyrics to. In France, Suzuki fronts a more experimental collective going by the moniker, Les French Doctors. The set opens with close to ten minutes of insect-like buzzing during "Ouverture” before heavy tom drums introduce Suzuki’s guttural scatting on "Un Pantin Sauvage.” The song’s steadfast pace gives way to the ballad-like feel of "Parfum,” which finds Suzuki sounding downright tender. The spirit of both performances finds the musicians experiencing a range of emotions and they all come through clearly on the vibrant Hollyaris. (Independent)