Damien Jurado and Gathered In Song I Break Chairs

Damien Jurado has always tread a shadowed path as a songwriter, tempering his hooky melodic tendencies with often bitter broken-hearted sentiment. His last album, Ghost of David, was the darkest of his full-length albums to date, and the sadness almost overwhelmed the album’s musical presentation. For his fourth album, Jurado has formed a band, Gathered In Song, and is attempting to rock against the coming of the night. The result is overwhelming in the other direction – having decided to rock out, he’s shoved the band right through all the understated twists and turns that make him great as a songwriter. Lost in the chugging guitars are the subtle tones of his lyrics; buried in the production are the familiar sing-along melodies that made him a kindred spirit. His band Gathered In Song would be more appropriately named Buried In Song. (Sub Pop)