Damian Valles Rural Route No. 1

Damian VallesRural Route No. 1
This is the first release in the Rural Route series on Standard Form. As the liner notes mention, these three tracks are a response to Valles' transition from urban to rural surroundings. "Low Population Density" opens with what could be the drone of a large city before a simple loop begins a layering progression of guitars. Each one eventually eclipses the other as layers are added. While never escaping the timing and length of the original loop, Valles still manages to create a sense of expansion until eventually the cyclical guitar lines are overcome by longer drones and distorted, strummed guitar. Following this exploration of saturation and dense layering, "Swale" creates a wide-open atmosphere with percussion supplying the meter, as guitars trail off into deep reverb. The disc ends with another sombre, minimal track of softy floating melodies over processed guitars. Taking us further away from the city and into the expanse of open space, Valles conveys beautifully, through the dynamics of his music, the movement from density to quietness and solitude. (Standard)