Damian Abraham Explains the Plot and Sound of Fucked Up's David Comes to Life Musical

Damian Abraham Explains the Plot and Sound of Fucked Up's <i>David Comes to Life</i> Musical
Aside from his new gig as the host of The Wedge, Damian Abraham has been hard at work with his band Fucked Up on their third album. So far, we know that the album is a musical called David Comes to Life, which drummer Jonah Falco described as "a completely relatable rock opera rife with meta-plot, meta-parts, meta-leads and self-referential quirks." Now, Abraham has gone to great lengths to explain the album's story and sound.

"It's a musical in so far as there are definitely characters and parts of songs that would be sung by different characters," he explains in a recent interview with Exclaim! "I really wanted to do it like a full-on musical and have me just play one character, and sing only those songs, but everyone in the band was like 'no we have to make this a record too.' So I guess I'm doing the parts of multiple characters. But we'll have someone different representing all the different characters and singing different parts for their parts."

When asked who is going to guest on the record, Abraham says, "I would tell you if I could because no one is confirmed. We're hoping Bob Mould. We're hoping for the world."

For the plot of David Comes to Life, Abraham explains, "The basic story is that David works at a lightbulb factory and he meets this girl Veronica who is a local political activist. Somehow -- you never really find out -- she accidentally dies while they're doing political action in the lightbulb factory, and then it's David on trial. You hear the story from all different perspectives as various people tell what they saw and various things. You never really learn who has the true perspective."

Aside from the general plot, David Comes to Life explores some familiar themes for the band alongside some new ones. "There's questioning of authority and things like that," Abraham says, adding, "There's a difference between this one and the other stuff we've done because there's lots more about love and relationships."

As for the album's sound, Abraham describes David as "without a doubt one of the most ridiculous-sounding records I've ever heard," adding, "I'm going to say it's a lot more Who-sounding, which is funny because [Fucked Up guitarist] Mike [Haliechuk] hates the Who or claims to hate the Who. When you do a rock opera, for lack of a better term, you've got to pick your sources, and I'd prefer to go with the Who than Protest the Hero or something.

"I still consider it a punk record. It's not like I've gone in and tried to change my vocal style or we've gone in and tried to write hooks on everything. It's more like we've gone in and tried to make the same thing we've always done which is not make the same record we made before."

David Comes to Life is currently in its final stages of recording. If all goes according to plan, the album will be delivered to Matador Records in early February with plans for a May release.

Despite suggestions that the band might be soon be throwing in the towel, however, Abraham said they're not quite done yet.

"I think we still have time left," he says. "I don't even want it to go on forever, I don't think anyone in the band would want it to go on forever. I don't even think anyone who listens to us wants it to go on forever. We're heading into the last third of the book I'll say."