Dâm Purity (The Darwinian Paradox)

Though home to many of metal’s most beloved and influential acts, England’s musical reputation lies not in its aggressive tendencies (zing!!) but in the overplayed records of its annoying rock namesake. With their powerful Candlelight debut, London’s Dâm are positioned to remind the world that the British don’t always hold to a strict diet of pop dribble. Their unique blend of the finest European melodic elements building on an American metal sensibility brings them into realms of songwriting largely left unexplored. This unconfined approach merged with a muddy, mid-’80s sound quality places them apart from their peers, truly honing a sound that they can call their own. The constant contrast between sporadic moments of thrash, upbeat Euro riffing, epic black metal blasts and crushing Southern grooves are more than enough to keep one’s attention. These basics coalesce into an obvious disposition towards Death’s progressive, technical riffing and songwriting. One-time-only tangents consistently intercept recurring riffs, maintaining just enough structure that the songs are readily recognisable and individually focused. With this creative yet proverbial approach, Dâm have made an important contribution to England’s war effort and the metal world at large. (Candlelight)