Dalaba/Frith/Glick Rieman/Kihlstedt Dalaba/Frith/Glick Rieman/Kihlstedt

What to do with four musicians who ignore the capacities of their chosen instruments? Put them together and let them make some of the most engaging improvised music you're likely to hear. The pieces are spare, wave-like constructs that crest and recede in overlapping moments that fill just enough space for every nuance to be heard. Fred Frith’s guitar is restrained and close-miced to enhance the intimacy of interplay. Lesli Dalaba employs the most conventional approach of the four; her trumpet, muted and delayed at times, mainly hovers at the periphery of the action throughout. The most revelatory player is Carla Kihlstedt whose violin and voice unleash tonal urgency at crucial moments. Eric Glick Rieman is the nearly invisible thread that weaves it all together with sound which serves to accumulate all other sounds into an excellent whole. (Accretions)