Dakota Oak Am Deister

"Deister" is a forest in Germany where Dave Tyack grew up. Am Deister is a concept album about this forest, and upon one listen and look at the artwork, you kind of get this green and wooden feeling in you. Tyack's Dakota Oak makes odd, little musical numbers without feeling the need to add vocals to any of them. Am Deister is an album with 26 instrumental tracks to sit down and enjoy. Being a label-mate and contributor to Badly Drawn Boy's successful album, Tyack's visions are not far off Mr. Boy's, which is to make a concept album. Some songs are given German names (to help with his nostalgia), and range from 18 seconds to over five minutes, but what is most pleasing is that they all have this childlike innocence to them. "I Love Buses and Girls" is basically music to watch girls by and "How Heavy a Heart is Mine" has this Lassie-type organ taking control, which gives the imagery of Timmy being saved from a bear. Milk Money is another record that Tyack had a part in - backing up songstress Jane Weaver while she uses Misty Dixon as her alias. The music is soft, warm and fuzzy all over, just like the sweet little kitten that graces the cover of this ten-inch. Kind of like if Saint Etienne went acoustic, Misty Dixon dishes out four lovely pieces of elegant pop. With the talent that Tyack shows on these two records, you can only wonder how long it will take for him to match his wool-headed friend's succes (Twisted Nerve)