Reddit Thinks Daft Punk Are Going to Tour in 2017

Reddit Thinks Daft Punk Are Going to Tour in 2017
Masked electronic masters Daft Punk have given hopeful fans reason to believe that the French duo may be gearing up to tour next year.
The enigmatic two-man — or two-robot, rather — group haven't released a new album since 2013's Random Access Memories, though they did just hop on the Weeknd's latest single "Starboy." Now, a discovery by a particularly keen Redditor reveals that the pair might be returning to the stage in the not so distant future.
As FACT points out, user KosherAtheist discovered a page dedicated to Daft Punk on the Lollapalooza website, implying that the duo are expected to grace the Chicago festival's stage. The page was added in February and is anticipated to correlate with the festival's 2017 lineup.
The men beneath the robot costumes, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, have an infamously sparse track record when it comes to touring. They supported Homework with the "Daftendirektour" in 1997, then didn't return to the live circuit until 2007, where they kicked off a string of live appearances with a show at Coachella.
Other than a few sporadic performances (including a spot at the 2014 Grammy Awards), the duo have not toured in support of Random Access Memories. If they're sticking to the 10-years-between-tours timeline, then a 2017 run of concerts doesn't seem all that farfetched.

All that said, this is all guesswork at this point and a simple artist page on a festival website is hardly a solid foundation. Plus, an "industry source" tells Consequence of Sound that the duo have "no plans to perform live next summer," though Daft Punk and Lollapalooza have yet to officially comment on the rumours.