Daft Punk to Team Up with Coca-Cola for, Um, Daft Coke

Daft Punk to Team Up with Coca-Cola for, Um, Daft Coke
French house masters Daft Punk are no strangers to product endorsements. Late last year, for instance, the duo approved a signature pair of LED-encrusted headphones by Monster Cable to further promote their involvement with Tron Legacy. And in a way, you could argue that the movie itself was a commercial for the group's score.

It's no surprise, then, to find the outfit linking up with another business for some cross-promotional shenanigans, but this time the robotic duo have teamed up with someone just for the taste of it: Daft Punk are set to promote Coca-Cola.

According to a report from Hype Beast, the soda pop giants will unveil a limited-edition, Daft Punk-themed "Club Coke" this March. The soft drink will be featured in special gold and silver bottles, mimicking the dance duo's trademark robot helmets.

The partnership is fine, and all, but can Daft Punk even drink when they're wearing their helmets? We've checked out this chart, and it looks like even when their domes feature mouth holes, they're mighty small.

Assuming Hype Beast isn't leading us astray, all will be revealed when Daftcoke.com goes live in the near future.

UPDATE: An unofficial ad for the Daft Coke has made its way online. Check it out below. And, yes, unfortunately it looks as if this is really happening. Greedy humans after all?