Daft Punk to Appear in Tron Remake

Daft Punk to Appear in <i>Tron</i> Remake
While it's long been known that French touch masters Daft Punk will be contributing a massive 24 tracks to Disney's upcoming Tron sequel, the production house have now revealed that the duo will also be appearing in the actual film.

According to MTV, the group will have some sort of role in Tron Legacy. And while details are scarce, in an interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz, actress Olivia Wilde simply said, "They were in the movie."

That's pretty much it. No explanation to the amount of screen time they got or what they actually did. Still, Wilde explained that Disney is planning to use the musicians as a promotional tool, saying, "There's some ideas in the works about how to incorporate them into a Comic-Con event."

Unless you decide to book a flight to San Diego, you'll have to wait and see just how Daft Punk fit into the film when it drops in December of 2010.