Daft Punk Reveal Post-Tron Plans, Get a Visual History of Their Helmets

Daft Punk Reveal Post-<i>Tron</i> Plans, Get a Visual History of Their Helmets
Though French touch duo Daft Punk are one of the most celebrated electronic acts of all time, some fans were underwhelmed by their recent soundtrack for Tron: Legacy. While expectations were high for the unofficial follow-up to 2005's Human After All, some of us here at Exclaim! found the film's filter house companion piece to be one of 2010's major disappointments. But because the album wasn't a full-blown Daft Punk affair, perhaps we set the bar too high. With that in mind, no matter how you felt about Daft Punk's latest, news that the wriggly synth beatsmiths are prepping a new platter should stoke the devoted.

An interview with the L.A. Times' Pop + Hiss [via Twenty Four Bit] found the duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo revealing that they actually started work on a new non-soundtrack album the same time they were crafting the Tron: Legacy score.

"We've been working on some of our music concurrently," Bangalter confirmed.

Though the group didn't dish out many more details, they did admit that the project will differ from the soundtrack, as well as the rest of their back catalogue. To do otherwise would be, well, boring.

"We like the idea of trying to experiment and do different things we haven't done in the past," said Bangalter. "Our idea of selling out is a different one, though. I imagine it would be finding a successful formula and sticking with it and always doing the same thing. That is not what is exciting to us."

Beyond their music, Daft Punk have also always evolved their robotic image. If you wanted to check out how far they have come along with their costumes, a fan has graciously made a chart of the many helmets the duo have donned over the years, from their Discovery period up to the neon blue domes they sported in Tron; Legacy. You can check out the chart above or here, courtesy of Hypebeast.