Daft Punk Released Fancy "Starboy" Posters and Their Fans Are Pissed

Daft Punk Released Fancy "Starboy" Posters and Their Fans Are Pissed
When the Weeknd released the video for his recent Daft Punk collaboration "Starboy," the helmed robo duo made a cameo of sorts via some regal portraits seen hanging on the walls. Well, if you too would like that Daft art hanging in your crib, the French duo are now selling the portraits — something that more than a few fans are seriously pissed about.

Today (November 22) Daft Punk took to their Facebook to announce that you can now grab a "limited edition portrait painting" of the duo, as featured in the "Starboy" video. And while the $140 USD prints sold out almost immediately (they were limited to 500), the whole thing has seemed to rub many fans the wrong way.

Just to give you an idea of what some Daft Punk fans/haters are saying, one Facebook user commented: "We don't want f**king artwork we want a new album and a tour. And stop working with twats like the weekend. Thanks."

Another, meanwhile, said, "Your merchandise to music ratio is starting to skew," while one user said, "Why somebody would want this piece of shit on their wall?"

A lot of commenters weren't exactly pleased by that $140 USD price point either. "I love Daft punk, but open-heart surgery costs less than their merchandise does," one said.

You can see more comments down below in the Facebook post, while you can check out the product listing here.

As previously reported, the Weeknd's Starboy, which also features Daft Punk on the closing track "I Feel It Coming," will arrive on November 25 via XO/Republic. The LP will be supported by a tour, and you can see all the dates here.