Daft Punk Deny Any Connection to the Third Twin

Daft Punk Deny Any Connection to the Third Twin
Earlier this month, a long-standing rumour that an electro duo named the Third Twin were actually an alter ego of Daft Punk gained a semblance of credibility when the former were tapped to play this year's Arenal Sound Festival in Spain. A press release for the fest, which can be read here, said "they are directly related to the famous Daft Punk."

 According to the rumours, the idea was that the Third Twin were the moniker chosen by Daft Punk to leak and perform the straightforward electro tracks that were supposedly rejected from their Tron soundtrack. While any Daft Punk fan could tell you it wasn't them after seconds of listening to the Third Twin, the rumour did spark some discussion and excitement. Fortunately, Daft Punk's management has crushed the chatter with an official statement.

 Here's the press release directly from the Daft Punk camp:


It has been brought to the attention of Daft Punk's management that the promoters for the Arenal Sound Festival in Spain have recently issued a press release in which they claim that a band called The Third Twin is "directly connected" to Daft Punk. This is completely untrue. Recent press reports are based on rumors instead of facts. Daft Punk is in no way associated with The Third Twin and the promoters for the Arenal Sound Festival are promoting the show under false pretenses. We would like to ensure Daft Punk's audience is not taken advantage of by this fraudulently promoted show and strongly discourage anyone to buy tickets expecting Daft Punk to play at this festival, either as themselves or under any other pseudonym.

Similarly, Walt Disney Records' president of music and soundtracks Mitchell Leib told Billboard, "We never threw out any of their material, ever... I want to dispel any of the rumours about that material by that alias group being any derivative of our Tron music, because it's not at all. There's nothing about that music that has anything to do with Tron or any of the original conceptual music that was done."

Now, without a doubt, we can all rest assured that the Third Twin are not Daft Punk in any way, shape or form. It's comforting news for those who thought our classy French heroes would stoop to using comic sans on their MySpace page.