Daft Punk Actually in Tron Legacy

Daft Punk Actually in <i>Tron Legacy</i>
We've known for ages now that French house duo Daft Punk were involved with Tron Legacy via their film score work, but none of us expected this. According to an L.A. Times report [via Daily Swarm/URB], the the synth-blasting songsmiths actually have on-screen roles in the film.

Times writer Chris Lee was privy to a 23-minute sneak peak of the movie last week and had this to say about Daft Punk's cameo:

In the scene, a pale white dandy called Castor portrayed by Michael Sheen (The Queen, Frost/Nixon) reclines on a small divan waving a translucent walking stick. He glances over to a glass partition where two suspiciously familiar-looking robots stand over a computer mixing board.

"Change the scheme..! Alter the mood…! Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind..," the fey and somewhat sinister Castor implores, prompting Daft Punk (or at least two guys wearing the duo's signature headgear - robot masks without which they have almost never been photographed) to trigger a barrage of digital fireworks.

It seems like years of sporting really cool robot domes and entangling themselves in neon stage shows have really paid off for the outfit.

As previously reported, the Tron Legacy soundtrack drops November 22. The movie will hit theatres December 17.