Dabrye Two/Three

Detroit’s musical legacy is unassailable. While Motown is obviously the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Michigan city in recent times, the city is known more for its production of techno and gritty hip-hop. Tadd Mullinix (aka Dabrye) is acutely aware of this and has tweaked his mostly instrumental work of the past audaciously brought the two worlds together on this impressive disc. To aid and abet in his goal, Dabrye digs deep into the Michigan music scene to articulate his vision. Guilty Simpson rides irregularly squelch-y synths on "Special” and on "Viewer Discretion,” Invincible and Finale discussing media propaganda via rapid-fire tag team flows. Additionally, Dabrye teams up with Platinum Pied Piper Waajeed to knock out the engaging instrumental "Jorgy.” But the talent isn’t restricted to the Great Lakes area. MF Doom, DITC’s AG, Wildchild, Beans and Vast Aire all show up to equally dope effect. Rightfully the whole thing winds down with Dabrye’s "Game Over,” a collaboration with Phat Kat and the late, revered Detroit producer J. Dilla — a fan of Dabrye’s beats, who himself experimented with Detroit’s digital heritage. In Dabrye, the future of this experimental fusion looks to be in good hands. (Ghostly International)