Da Bloody Gashes Pedal To The Metal

Da Bloody Gashes singer Chloe Lum stalks around the stage like a female punk rock Mick Jagger. Her lyrics come out screamed, crooned, warbled and strained. Behind her, two shaggy-haired guitarists blast out screeching, crunching riffs to an over-amped rock'n'roll beat. "Everything is shaky and about to collapse and in your face and urgent," says guitar wrangler Suhrid Manchanda, also of Montreal improv rock band Detroit Metal. As an art-rock band firmly leaning over on the rock tip, the Gashes are loud and energetic. Garage rock gets twisted, and the MC5 sit back-to-back with Sun Ra in the centrifugal chamber they use to make astronauts queasy. Their straight up, "rock out with your cock out" formula comes on strong in their Total Zero released Pedal To The Metal. Eleven tracks of total rocking chaos on this vinyl-only album will hold your stereo hostage, and they're the next closest thing to taking the Gashes home with you, which, if you've ever seen them live, you'd probably be afraid to do. Da Bloody Gashes' shows are loud, fast, dangerous and theatrical - because they art as hard as they rock. Singer Chloe Lum is in the habit of ripping off her top - not quite in a Hulk Hogan style, but just as dramatically - in the heat of the rock, which has triggered banal Plasmatics comparisons - but the Gashes aren't going to Hot Topic infamy. "We certainly don't have any delusions that we're going to get money out of punk rock," says Lum. However, Pedal To The Metal is one of the most exciting Canadian rock records since Teenage Head moved to Frantic City. (Total Zero)