D. Trevlon To: The Dusty Moon and You

From the opening distant whistle on "Here I Am/There You Are,” Trevlon seems to make a point that he is not a typical singer-songwriter. Instead, the material by this London, ON native, who recorded this debut album with fellow Londoner Andy Magoffin, evokes everything from Marty Robbins-style cowboy ballads to the spacey folk of Tim Buckley. Much of this is due to the fact that Magoffin doesn’t scrimp on the reverb, but it is appropriate in heightening the mysterious qualities inherent to songs like "Golden Lorraine,” and "Valley Of Abralawn.” In fact, it is sometimes hard to believe that this album was made in 2005 and not 1967. However, that’s not to say that Trevlon is any sort of faux-hippy. Both his songs and rich vocals are clear and direct, making To: The Dusty Moon and You, all in all, one of the most unusual — and compelling — Canadian roots debut albums since the Sadies’ Precious Moments. (Independent)